Jeff Dunham Tour 2016 – The Puppet Master Is Back!

Are you ready to see ventriloquism at its finest? One of the best in the world at this art is coming to a location near you soon! The Jeff Dunham tour is going to be making stops all over the USA in the coming months. All of your favorite characters will be making an appearance. Achmed the Dead Terrorist, José Jalapeño on a Stick, Melvin the Superhero Guy and all the rest will be on the road with Jeff as he tracks from state to state bringing his unique brand of comedy to all the fans.

You are most likely already familiar with this comedian as he has been on tons of different TV shows over the years. Some of the programs which you might have seen him on our his Comedy Central specials, the Tonight Show, and the late show with David Letterman. You can see he has certainly been making the rounds! He also has a bunch of his own specials that have aired on Comedy Central. These include spark of insanity, his very special Christmas special, arguing with myself, minding the monsters, and several more.

His unique comedy stylings are a hit amongst fans. In a constantly more and more politically correct world, is politically incorrect brand of humor is certainly a breath of fresh air too many crowd goers. Many people are not even aware that this art still exists until they find out about Jeff. He has essentially single-handedly brought ventriloquism back to life! Surprisingly, since he practices a dying art, he is one of the most popular comedians in America. As far as North America goes, he is among the top grossing comedians. He can also hold his own in the European market to.

In addition to his impressive live performance numbers, it also pushes tons of merchandise. His DVD sales total into the millions, and the fans go to see the Jeff Dunham tour in person also end up purchasing plenty of merchandise as he has sold just under $10 million in merchandise alone. Another major contributing factor to the success of the live shows is his YouTube account. Which at this point has almost 1,000,000,000 views across all of his videos. His most popular video is in the top 10 most viewed videos of all time on YouTube, and it features what is probably his most popular character in Achmed the dead terrorist.

One other thing that helps them get the word out about his live shows is his extremely popular and well regarded specials on Comedy Central. As a matter of fact the aforementioned Christmas special is the most watched program in the history of Comedy Central. It managed to sell about 500,000 DVDs in the first couple weeks alone. The only two comedians who are able to bring in more fans are Chris rock and Jerry Seinfeld! Besides those two comedic Masters Jeff is on top of the world.

He wasn’t always a world beater though. Just like a lot today stars he comes from humble beginnings. In the early days you could find him performing in places like amusement parks, churches, and schools. Another reason he’s gained so much popularity is that he has been performing in this same style all the way back since the first time he was on TV back in 1976. This is your chance to see one of comedy’s greatest legends live and in person! Take this chance to get some tickets to the comedy sensation!